Buyers’ Services

abr_logoGPRS ACCREDITED BUYERS REPRESENTATIVES are committed to serving the interests of real estate buyers- exclusively. It is our mission to offer the most comprehensive data and professional advice to our buyer clients in order to educate and inform them in the real estate purchase of their choice. That purchase can be a home, vacation property, investment or even a lease property.

Home ownership remains one of the highest priorities for many people because of its numerous benefits. For many, home ownership represents personal and financial success along with a sense of security and belonging that cannot be found elsewhere. Furthermore, a home is still a valued investment which has various financial advantages and tax benefits. For instance, the interest you pay on a home loan and the yearly real estate property taxes paid are among the few major federal tax deductions still allowed.

Personal satisfaction
Sense of community
Tax savings
Stability for you and your family
Investment in the future

Human Resource and Relocation Professionals alike can ease the pressures of a corporate move by referring an executive to a Professional Buyer’s Representative. Utilization of a Buyer’s Representative eliminates any conflict of interest by providing “No Dual Agency” situations. The employee’s best interests are always top priority when represented by a Buyer’s Rep.


  • Buyer’s Representatives purposely do not take listings, remaining free of biased opinions.
  • Candidly advise homebuyers about the area, schools, recreational facilities and housing options.
  • Identify best values including Luxury Real Estate.
  • Pinpoint property that will tend to appreciate faster and maintain a better resale value.
  • Email listings and photos so that transferring employees can study the market at a distance.
  • Provide access to Internet portals to keep relocation expenses down.
  • Buyer’s Representatives possess an invaluable knowledge of all markets and sub-markets.
  • We keep well informed on business, political, and social issues affecting the markets.