How Can Social Media Help Market Your Property?

by HJI Author

How Can Social Media Help Market Your Property?When you are marketing to a younger, more hip, and affluent crowd, you know you have to be social media savvy. Southern California homes for sale are easy to market online because of their inherent beauty and excellent location. Real estate agents everywhere are taking to social media to market their properties for sale, and to attract the new generation of home buyers. While old school agents and brokerages are missing out on today’s hottest properties and constituents, plugged in agents know how to make a worthy real estate experience online.

Making a Facebook page for your best locations and having a search engine optimized website that has key phrases your customers will be looking for is the name of the new school game. With more and more people taking to social media to showcase their buying habits, you can find out as much information about your potential customer as they can find out about you. Twitter, Craigslist, and even Instagram are novel ways to market properties that would have previously been hard to sell.

Using a client portal for customized searching

Using market data to create a customized real estate portal on your website for prospects and leads to drill down in certain locations is the best way to create an authentic user experience for potential homebuyers. You can upload simple plug-and-play tools that use aggregated data so that your leads can search by location, property type, price, and even lifestyle. Gone are the days of cumbersome real estate listings in catalogs. You can give your potential clients the word at the touch of their fingertips.

Social sharing is also important function of the usability of your website. If someone thinks they can share a property from your cadre that they like to get comments from their friends, they are more likely to trust and utilize your services. Crowd sourcing has amazing capabilities, even in the real estate world. You will give the air of exclusivity if your website encourages sharing and opinion-giving from your lead’s community. Social media sharing is an easy way to make a prospective client feel supported even before they know your name. They will appreciate your propensity toward transparency, and the ability to share properties they like with their friends.

Some things to make sure you have in place in your social media and online digital presence are:

  • A Facebook page you keep up with nearly daily. Try to post at least a few times a week, if not more. You can schedule posts about your properties weeks in advance.
  • A Twitter page where you share relevant articles about the real estate business in and around your location.
  • An Instagram account where you showcase beautiful photographs of the properties you are selling.
  • A client portal on your website that leads to 360° video capability, so that your prospective clients can have an immersive experience.
  • Social media savvy real estate agents often also have a set of Facebook pages, or even a Snapchat profile. The more ways you can get your name and properties out there, the better!

Southern California homes for sale on social media

GlobalPoint Relocation works hard on our social media presence. We want all of our prospective clients to know that we are a full-scale real estate company interested in helping people find the resources they need to have a successful Southern California relocation. GlobalPoint wants to help you understand what’s out there, and you can feel supported during a relocation — both online and off. Learn more by giving us a call at (562) 221-0055 to tour a property today!

Published on 2017-11-11 17:01:43