What You Must Disclose When Selling Your Home

Each state has their own rules regarding what home sellers must tell their buyers before an official sale can take place. California has some pretty specific standards when it comes to full disclosure—that way the buyers knows exactly what they’re getting into. If a seller purposefully holds back, they could be opening themselves up to
Issues When Relocating

Issues No One Talks About When Relocating

Hidden Issues When Relocating When you’re packing up your home and relocating to Los Angeles, there are lots of things to consider. You’ve got to plan your packing, a moving truck or van, and you’ll need to know what furniture goes where in your new place. All of the activity can seem like a whirlwind,
Save Money When Relocating

How to Save Money When Relocating

Tips and Tricks from the Experts To Save Money When Relocating When you and your family have to relocate for work, it typically means you’re packing up your entire lives and heading to a completely new place. You’ll need to make lots of decisions, such as what furniture and belongings to take, and what to discard
Moving Across The US

Tips for Moving Across the US

It all starts with a checklist We’ve heard the story so many times. When you get a big promotion or an important new job, or if a family member needs your help locally, you have to pack everything up and move. But it’s not just any move; you’re moving across the US! From west to
Los Feliz Neighborhood

Learn More about the Los Feliz Neighborhood

Thinking of moving to LA? Artists, actors, musicians, and families flock to the east-side neighborhood of Los Feliz. The name literally translates to “happy,” and this quaint, creative area more than lives up to its name. Los Feliz is chic, sophisticated, and artsy, with streets full of bookstores, record stores, galleries, and sidewalk cafes. Located